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Information & Policies


Payment is due on the first of the month and can be made through the studio website, in person or by mail. Please make checks payable to D&D Studios, Inc. 

Untimely payment will result in the student being asked to observe the class only and not participate until payment is made. Any checks returned are subject to a $35.00 service fee. 

The monthly tuition charge for all classes is based on four lessons per month, even though throughout the year there will be several times when the student may receive a fifth lesson at no extra charge. The studio will observe the following legal holidays: Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Break and Levy County Spring Break. These dates will be posted to the website. No credit will be issued for classes missed due to these holidays. Class schedules are subject to change without notice due to class availability and class demand. 

There will be an annual non-refundable registration fee of $25.00 per student  or for multiple students in an immediate family payable at time of registration. 


Please try and keep missed classes to a minimum. Excessive absences or tardiness may result in your dancer not being able to advance to the next dance level. 

Due to recital preparations, a student missing more than two classes total starting the  month of January through May, may not be allowed to participate in the recital. 

If a student misses a class, the class must be paid for because a place is reserved for the student during that hour. An award will be presented to all students with perfect attendance at our Spring recital. 

It is the teacher's discretion as to whether a child is too late for class. 

In the event a teacher needs to make up a missed class, she will do so in the months of April and May leading up to June recital. She will notify you of the class make up day and time. 

Please notify the studio immediately if a student withdraws from class. Students are liable for payment if their name is on the class role as that space is being held for the student. 

Drop Off & Pick up

Parents of students age 3 through 5 (all Combo I and Combo II classes) must remain in the studio during the entire class time. These students are at a tender age and we may need parental assistance from time to time. 

Upon arrival, students must remain in the waiting room until their teacher comes to line them up for class. 

Please do not encourage your child to find you in the parking lot. Dancers are never allowed to stand outside when waiting for a ride. Students will not be allowed to loiter outside of the building. 

All students must be picked up promptly at the end of class. If an emergency arises causing you to be late, please call the studio immediately. 

Dance Class Attire

Combo I & Combo II Classes - Hair up and away from the face. Any color tights, any color leotard, skirts are welcome. Pink leather ballet shoes, black tap shoes. Students will wear ballet shoes for Jazz. 

Ballet Classes - Hair up and away from face. Pink tights, black leotard, pink leather or canvas ballet shoes. Ballet skirts and dance shorts are welcome. No loose fitting shirts or shorts permitted. 

Tap/Jazz Combo Classes - Hair up and away from face. Tights and leotard any color. Black jazz shoes, black tap shoes. Black tight-fitting jazz pants. No loose fitting shirts or shorts permitted. 

Tap Classes - Tights and leotard any color, tan tap shoes with a heel. Black tight-fitting jazz pants optional. No loose fitting shirts or shorts permitted. 

Jazz Classes - Hair up and away from face. Tights and leotard any color. Black tight-fitting jazz pants or tight-fitting dance shorts. Black jazz shoes. No loose fitting shirts or shorts permitted. 

Hip-Hop Classes - Hair up away from face. Comfortable clothes you can move in. Tennis shoes. Knee pads are optional. You will be doing floor work. 

Lyrical Classes - Hair up and away from face. Tights and leotard any color. Ballet skirts or tight fitting dance shorts. Students may go barefoot or wear foot undies. No loose fitting shirts or shorts permitted. 

Pom Classes - Hair up and away from face. Any color leotard, shorts and tennis shoes. 

Stretch & Strength Class- Hair up and away from the face. T-shirt, yoga pants, and tennis shoes. Yoga mat and 3 to 5 lb. hand weights required. 


Studio Etiquette

Dancers are asked to be respectful and courteous to all instructors, guests, parents, and other dancers. Any student who continually disrupts class for any reason may have his or her tuition cancelled without prior notice. 

The waiting room should be respected as a quiet zone. Noise from the waiting room is disruptive to classes. 

Dancers are expected to be fully prepared prior to their class start time, including appropriate attire, hair, and shoes. 

Students wearing inappropriate dance wear or shoes will be asked to observe rather than take class. 

No gum, food, or drinks are allowed in the dance room except for water. 

No cell phones, jewelry, or watches. 

Please be as punctual as possible. It is the teacher's discretion as to whether a child is late for class. Please be courteous and ask the teacher if your child can still participate. Being late is disruptive to the other students and your dancer is missing valuable class time. 

Please call the studio if your student is ill and unable to attend class. 

Visitors are asked not to enter the dance studio rooms while classes are in session. 

In case of severe weather emergency, D&D Studios will follow Levy County School closings. 

Recital Information

There will a end of the year Spring recital for all classes. All accounts must be brought up to date as of May 15th for your child to participate in the recital. All classes during the months leading up to the recital are of the utmost importance to your dancer as well as the entire class. Please keep absences to a minimum for the benefit of your child's performance. 


Costume money is due the 1st of December and must be paid for in full. Costumes not paid by the due date will not be ordered. Costumes range in price from $50.00 to $90.00 each. In order to receive costumes in time for Spring Recital, they must be ordered in December. All costume fees are non-refundable. 

Other Information

Please note that at the end of each class, the instructor will be asking the students for any prayer requests as well as saying a prayer with the class. Please advise the instructor if this is a problem for you or your child and they will be dismissed prior to the prayer. 

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